An overview regarding research fields

The SwissAnon center is conducting methodological and practical research in the field of anonymization and related topics, such as synthetic data generation, disclosure risk assessment and record linkage. Here, all research activities associated with the competence center will be listed.

SNF Bridge Discovery Project

Harnessing event and longitudinal data in industry and health sector through privacy preserving technologies (2023/11 - 2026/11)

From 2023 to 2026, the SNF research project will develop and improve anonymization techniques for longitudinal data, e.g., repeated measurements of individuals over time. This is especially relevant for diverse and sensitive datasets like COVID19 tracking, health monitoring, or mobile traffic data. Addressing the challenge of how to securely make such longitudinal information available for research, the project aims to create a computational and methodological framework for anonymizing this data. It also involves evaluating the risks and benefits of these methods through complex simulation studies.

Following data are tackled specifically:

  • Time series
  • Mobility data
  • Event history data
  • Panel data